Buffoons with Megaphones

Jim Breuer Buffoon with a megaphone
Jim Breuer- Buffoon with a megaphone

Just because you can make people laugh, or have a smooth velvety voice and are given a platform from which to “entertain” does not make you an authority on public health issues. Granted, you are entitled to voice your personal opinions, but when you have a megaphone and platform from which you are able to reach thousands of people, it becomes irresponsible to sway people one way or another regarding life and death issues. Public health matters are best handled by public health professionals, just as comedy should be left to professional comics. Comedians would be pitching a bitch if public health officials attempted to sway people from watching you and instead steers them to another performer. Entertainment is best left to professional entertainers, and medicine is best left to medical professionals.

Goat Boy
Yeah, let’s take medical advice from this genius.

People are getting sick, spreading the virus, while many are being hospitalized or are dying. Wouldn’t it be better to err on the side of caution?

When I was a child I was vaccinated for mumps, chickenpox, measles, and tetanus. I am 67 years old and have not suffered any ill effects from those vaccinations. I have five siblings, three older than me, two younger. They were all similarly vaccinated, and non have any ill effects from these vaccinations. Each of my siblings has children, and their children have children. All were vaccinated, non have experienced any side effects. Suddenly in the era of social media and buffoons with megaphones, people blindly questioning science and medicine, and are believing, and following, conspiracy theories based on asinine and unfounded data.

Back in the 1930s and 40’s polio was a scourge on society and people were dying. Franklin Roosevelt suffered from polio, and when he became president his policies practically eradicated polio. Every American child was then vaccinated against this deadly disease and it has almost completely vanished, there is no longer a polio epidemic in this country. And while HIV has not been “cured” because of vaccinations and medications people are no longer dying of AIDS but instead are living with it.

Stop the bullshit! Stop being self-absorbed and begin to think about others. Wear a freaking mask. So what if it is uncomfortable. I hate wearing masks myself. But that tiny inconveince is a small price to pay in the larger scheme of things. The goal is the eradication of Covid-19 so that we can ALL go back to life as it was pre-2020. There are many other issues to bitch about. You want conspiracy, go back to talking about UFO’S, the JFK assassination, or who shot JR.