Separate but equal 2021

Separate But Equal.

We should enforce rules that require those NOT vaccinated to use separate, but equal, facilities. If it was deemed appropriate to have these separate but equal “rules” in place in the 1940′, the ’50s, and the ’60s because a certain segment of the population was afraid to interact with another segment of the population, doesn’t it seem appropriate that the same logic be applied now in the era of Covid?


This makes so much sense today. Because it is that same segment of the population that is refusing vaccinations. All that is needed, for instance, is the creation of separate but equal schools. Parents that do not wish to have their children vaccinated could send their children to schools where teachers that refuse to be vaccinated could teach. Hotels could have rooms set aside for those that are anti-vaccination. We could even open up movie theaters, concert halls, restaurants, and other venues where all the non-vaccinated could sit together in non-vaccinated sections. It would make life easier for both groups, just think about how great America could be again with separate but equal amenities for all.

Please, let’s not confuse this with the horrific practice known as Jim Crow. Oh no,  think of this more as compassionate segregation.  And, rather than Jim Crow, it could be called “Joe B.”

I’m just saying.