Thank God Donald J. Trump is not a racist

If Donald J. Trump was a racist, he probably would have stood on the escalator of Trump Tower the day he announced his bid to run for president and would have said that all Mexicans are drug dealers,

Donald J. Trump announces his candidacy for president by call Mexicans drug dealers, rapists and murderers

rapists, and murderers. He probably would have attempted to ban all Muslims from entering the country. He may even have visited the Island Nation of Puerto Rico after the most devastating hurricane in its history hit it and while the people of that nation were suffering would have tossed rolls of toilet paper at them. Had Trump been a racist he probably would have said that there were good people on both sides after a group of white supremacists confronted a group of grieving Blacks Americans after yet another death of a young Black man at the hands of the white police that are charged with protecting them. If Trump was a racist he probably would not have done anything when a video recording depicted a white policeman holding his knee on the neck of a Black man until he died of suffocation. A racist would have discharged the national guard to tear gas peaceful protesters just so he could take a picture of him holding a bible in front of a church, something Trump did not do. If Trump were a racist he would have started spreading lies about his election being stolen because the writing was on the wall and he was going to lose his second term because of the massive anti-Tump organization occurring across the country. If Trump was a racist he would have incited his white supremacist followers to march on the capitol, while commanding them to fight hard as hell and show them that the election could not be stolen.

If Trump was a racist he probably would have gone to the Alamo (the wrong one, but we gotta forgive him for he knows nothing of American history) to continue his lies that the election was stolen and would have firmly warned President-elect Joe Biden to “be careful what you wish for”. Thank God Trump is not a racist or his followers could have actually listened to him and actually stormed the capitol, some with zip ties, some with pipe bombs, some with semi-automatic weapons and all shouting “we want Pence” or “where is that bitch (meaning Speaker Nancy Pelosi)”. But since Trump J. Trump is no racist, none of the above things actually happened. Whew, thank you God for it was all just a bad dream, right?

God bless America