The world is flat, climate change is fake news, and the Corona Virus is a democratic ploy

The world is flat

500 years B.C. the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras was the first person to propose that the Earth had a spherical shape, hence was not flat.

And 350 years B.C Aristotle was the first Greek philosopher to prove that the Earth was spherical in shape and laid out his reasoning in his book, On the Heavens.

I am citing these facts about the Earth’s shape, that for century’s dispite the science to prove otherwise, people continued to believe that the Earth was flat. It was not until Christopher Columbus sailed to and back from the “New World” that people began to accept that Earth is in fact spherical, ie., not flat.

The same is occuring with the concept of climate change. I’m old enough to remember the flower children of the 1960’s. They beleived that humans were harming the earth with their excessive reliance on foscil fuels. Meanwhile a certain sector of the American population had a different believe system. This sector (Republican’s, Conservative’s and others) believed in other things. They labeled the so-called flower children tree huggers,

Tree Huggers

They shaped the conversation in such a way that anyone that thought about saving the planet was nuts. I remember the very first earth day celebration, I was a fourteen old old kid, I was not a nut. And in fact, by the 1970’s the science for electric cars had already been invented. But the focil fuel industry, with its vast monetary resources, was able to quash their development.

1970's Electric Cars

Fast forward to 2020. That same sector of people still shoot down the science that indicates that if we, humans, do not change our behaviors, planet earth could cease to exist. Despite the signs that are happening throughout the world because of climate change; extreme and out of control fires as in the Brazilian rain forest and California, extreme hurricanes and earthquakes as in Puerto Rico, to name just a few. Places where the weather is supposed to be cold are hot, places that are supposed to be hot are cold. These are very real climate changes. But that sector continue to refute them.

In the late 1980’s when the alarm was first [re]alarmed it was called global warming. Because of the power and the influence of that same sector, the concept of global warming was minimized and converted into a late night TV punch line. So while the concept is the same, today it is commonly referred to as climate change.

In 2020, the people that continued to believe that the earth was flat, despite the science of the time proving otherwise, are still with us. This time regarding climate change, and now the pandemic, the Corona Virus. Remember that before this became a pandemic, it was not yet even an epidemic – it was still in the early stages, the leader of that sector, Donald J. Trump, as President of the United States of America downplayed the significance of the warning being brought to him by the infectious disease and health professionals. He, and that sector (his minions) went so far as to label the Corona Virus a democratic hoax devised just to hurt his re-election chances.

Hello, the world is not flat, climate change is real and the Corona Virus is not a democratic hoax.

If you want logic, science and God to prevail, please vote blue in the November 2020 presidential election. It’s time to curtail that sector.