The US military industrial complex

JFK Warns US about Military Industrial Complex
Here’s a novel idea. The US military industrial complex gets the lion share of our budget under the guise of national security. Trillions of tax dollars go toward researching better ways to disintegrate our “enemys.” So I am not advocating that we stop feeding these billionaires. God forbid that. What I am proposing is that every able bodied person between the age of 18 and 49, the exact population targeted by Trumps revised food stamp program, get OJT (on the job training) at the military industrial complex with a promise of a good paying job upon successful completion of said training. Isn’t that a wonderful plan? Those billionaires, the ones that own the company’s manufacturing all those expensive gadgets that are used to “protect” our nation would continue to get these trillion dollar contracts, while those able bodied people, you know the ones that suck the marrow out of the bones of our HUMAN RESOURCES ADMINISTRATION, would have a path toward self sufficiency. I think this is a win win situation, don’t you?

More Guns, less help for the needy.

Sadly this will never occur. Billionaires will continue to get tax write off’s and other abatement’s while the less fortunate will continue to be victimized and scapegoated.

Big Pharma Hooked Millions While Making Billions
Big Pharma Hooked Millions While Making Billions

In this profit before people society that we live in, we acknowledge that there are problems, for example an opioid crisis, but we’d rather give tax incentives and abatement’s to big pharma rather than to compel them to find ways to aid in the remedy of, or curtail, this epidemic. Just recently, the week of December 18, 2019, New York City announced the closing of all detoxification programs within City hospitals. And why not? It’s the same ole game of blame the victim and excuse those that profit from the human Suffering they impose.

God bless America.