Prohibition violence and mayhem not by people of color

There was so much violence and mayhem during the so called prohibition era that it made the wild wild west period almost seem tame. In case you don’t know, the prohibition era (1920 to 1933) was that period in American history when there was a constitutional ban on the consumption, sale, manufacture and distribution of alcoholic beverages, yes thats right is was illegal to sell alcohol. It was during this period that there were gun fights out on the streets. It was the era of the gangster and they controlled politics. Many within the political and legal systems were corrupt, they were influenced by the large amounts of cash thrown at them -similar to today’s political environment.

Names like Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Al Capone and Bugs Moran were in the news almost on a daily basis. Crime became organized and even had its own star chamber in place, it was called Murder Incorporated.

Lucky Luciano Gang
Luciano gang during the prohibition era.
Capone gang during the prohibition era.


People were being slaughtered in cold blood right on the streets, in New York City and in Chicago. It was probably one of the bloodiest times in American history, and this was peace time. The Prohibition era began after world war one and ended just before world war two. The ironic thing about it was that none of this murderous mayhem was perpetrated by any people of color. There were no policemen shooting innocent young men, there was no such thing as stop and frisk and there was no one making these types of remarks:

“Ninety-five percent of murders, murderers and murder victims fit one M.O. You can just take a description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all the cops. They are male, minorities, 16 to 25. That’s true in New York, that’s true in virtually every city.”

(By the way, that remark was made by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, yes the same guy that wants your support as he seeks the Democratic nomination to the U.S. Presidency)

Bugs Moran Chicago Mobster


Imported Killers
Chicago’s Imported Killers

For all those with blinders on, those that profess not to see color, these are real facts.

According to the Cato Institute Policy Analysis No. 157: Alcohol Prohibition Was a Failure released on July 17, 1991 by Mark Thornton, the homicide rate increased to 10 per 100,000 population during the 1920’s, a 78 percent increase over the pre-Prohibition period. Again, let me stress that not one person of color (Black, Brown, Red or Yellow) had anything to with these statistics.

It is now eighty years later, the offspring of many of those gangsters and crooked politicians are today’s captains of industry or high level politicians and government workers. To be fair, many of the crimes being perpetrated today are by people of color. But the laws and policies that were acceptable then are not tolerated today. Yet, in today’s America white policemen kill innocent black and brown young men just for the way they dress and are fully exonerated. Judges use terms like justifiable homicide, and accidental death because the white officer felt their life was in danger.

When Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump were besties
Michael Bloomberg, Donald and Melania Trump

Michael Bloomberg was the Mayor of New York City when his administration enforced the so-called stop and frisk policy. His administration was just as racist as was Rudolph Giuliani’s. In fact during Giuliani’s rein as Mayor it was open season for white cops to kill, or brutalize, young men of color. Two of the most infamous were those of Amadou Diallo and Abner Louima.

Amadou Diallo killed on Giuliani's watch
An innocent immigrant, Amadou Diallo, shot 41 times and killed by white police on Giuliani’s watch
Abner Louima tortured on Giuliani's watch
Abner Louima tortured by white police on Giuliani’s watch

Mayor Rudy Giuliani faced a political nightmare after four white NYPD officers fired 41 shots and killed an unarmed black man named Amadou Diallo. The four officers were indicted for second degree murder but were acquitted of all charges.

On August 9, 1997, police officers took Haitian immigrant Abner Louima — after yanking his pants down to his knee — in the bathroom of the 70th precinct in Brooklyn, where White police officer Justin Volpe used a broken broomstick to sexually assault Louima while he was still handcuffed.

Bloomberg Apology: Fake News.
Bloomberg Apology: Fake News. Michael Bloomberg has no remorse just tons of tons to buy an apology.

Now the billionaire former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, whom is campaigning for a run at the U.S. Presidency says, whoops my bad, and expects all to be forgiven. The sad thing is that he has tons of money that he can donate to other’s political campaign’s, and sadly some politicians of color have already taken his money, accepted his bogus apology and come forward endorsing his candidacy. I guess there is no shame in their game, or is there?

No wonder our communities (communities of color) continue to be victimized and our children tossed aside. Those we elect are in it for there own gain and will not even attempt to stand up for the people. America is a Capitalist society and that means that the Capitalist will continue to rule. Like the saying goes, money talks, bullshit walks! In America once you have tons of money — no matter how you get it as long as you don’t get caught while making it — you too get to rule.

I just wish some of those people of color that now have money (entertainers, athletes etc.), would form some type of organization to help the less fortunate and impovished communities.  I mean come on now. Take some of your millions to invest in some of the devastated properties in the poorest neighborhoods, I did say invest not give away, you will make your money back if by nothing else than by the tax breaks you’d get. Who knows maybe you will garner some good will, or help reverse the deplorable conditions for YOUR people, er I mean your fans.

But I digress. This will never happen. Only the gangsters of the 1950’s were smart enough to form a syndicate. In 1960 Meyer Lansky, one of the underworlds crime bosses even stated “we’re bigger than U.S. Steel” he, of course, was referring to the syndicate. At the time U.S. Steel was one of, if not the, biggest corporations in the world. Even Lucky Luciano was altruistic, he helped the U.S. government topple Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini during WWII.

Benito Mussolini
Charles “Lucky” Luciano helped the U.S. government topple Benito Mussolini the Italian Dictator.

The question of the day is this, why do wealthy people like Trump and Bloomberg aspire to become president of the United States? The salary is peanuts compared to their worth, so what is it? The answer boys and girls is power and legacy, oh yes and mo money. The president is the only one that can create treaties (open new markets around the world for investment). Think of Trump Tower Moscow, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. Can you spell cha-ching?