Who Am I

I am an American.
I am a Puerto Rican.
I am a man, a dad, a divorcee.
I am a high school drop out, a college graduate, a holder of a Master’s Degree  in Social Work.
I am a son, a brother, an uncle.
I am loving, compassionate, caring and free.
I am funny, quirky and smart.
I am a reader, a movie and history buff, a citizen, a pedestrian, a passenger.
I am one at peace with the universe, guided by a higher power; a child of god.
I am an activist, an advocate, a survivor.
I am clean and serene, I am a recovering addict with principals and dignity.
I am happy to be all these things, but most of all I am blessed to be me.
I have lived two lives in one life time.

Who are you?