It’s time to stand together in a unity
Cause if not then we’re soon to be
Self-destroyed, unemployed…

How much of this insanity can America withstand? Why is a large percentage of America accepting Trump’s insanity, his blatant disregard of everyone and everything that is non white? Why are religious leaders, moral and spiritual leaders, and civic leaders turning there heads away from this A holes obvious hatred?

He attempted to place a travel ban on certain Muslim countries under the guise that they presented a clear and present danger to our country. The problem was that the Muslim countries he tried to ban had no history of terrorism, the one’s that did really pose a danger to America Trump was in cahoots with. It turns out that Trump had major real estate holdings in the real Muslim terrorist breeding countries. Trump is about smoke and mirrors. He even sided with Saudi Arabia over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a US-based journalist critic of Saudi Arabia’s government. Month’s later is was proven that the Saudi government did in fact order his murder.

While Trump’s own security council and intelligence agencies presented proof that Russia was involved with, and actually tampered with, the 2016 election, he stood on the world stage, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin by his side, and contradicted them . Instead taking Putin’s word that he had nothing to do with rigging the [2016] election.

While all evidence, and his own agencies statistics, indicated that the great majority of all illegal drug importation actually entered via legal points of entry into this country, Trump insisted that a wall was required to keep us safe.

When public opinion began swaying in time for the 2018 mid term election, Trump and his cronies embarked on a massive fear campaign insisting that an invasion of immigrants were going to flood the Southern border, hence our country. The public did not buy into this and the democrats ere able to take control of the House of Representatives thus busting the Republican stronghold on our government.

Then Trump went on a mission to break up immigrant families. Capturing immigrants and separating them putting them all in cages. He went against all logic, all proof and the will of the American people by initiating immigrant raids this summer.

Trump continues to spew his venom. First singling out four Congresswomen of color telling them to go back home, even though all four of these representatives are U.S. citizens with three of the four being born in this country and the fourth being a naturalized citizen.

Next Trump continue’s to add fuel to the fire by attacking Rep. Elijah Cummings and the entire city of Baltimore. He called Baltimore a rat and rodent infested mess, reminiscent of his other minority majority countries shit hole places. Trump is evil and a danger to this country and the world.

As I have been saying all along, the majority of the German populace had no inkling of what Hitler was about to do when they elected him. So to, that type of evil is already taking hold of our government elected by people that wanted change but were duped by Trump’s long con. If the democrats do not initiate impeachment proceedings, and if Donald Trump is successfully reelected in 2020, the world, because of America’s inability to self correct, will self destruct.

Climate change, aka global warming, is at its peak. Science warns that if something is not done about global warming right now, by 2050 the world will begin to DIE. The ice caps are already melting, ice burgs are beginning to melt away as well. While the sun is not getting hotter, it feels that way because the years of human pollution and destroying the Earth’s atmosphere. As the Earth’s atmosphere is compromised the sun’s rays more directly enter the earth.

While mother nature is doing it’s thing we have a mad man heading up on government and attacking from within.

Folks, if we do not do anything about this we will self destruct. Yes people IN TRUMP’S WORLD WE’RE HEADING FOR SELF DESTRUCTION.