Stop the world, I want to get off

Will it end soon? Just about every single day since Trump’s inauguration there has been one theatrical event or another (boy does DJT love drama).  President Trump’s and Rudy Giuliani’s antics would actually be laughable if his ideas, policy’s and lie’s were not actually happening.

President Trump storms out of meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and minority Leader Charles Schumer
President Trump storms out of meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and minority Leader Charles Schumer

Today Trump had yet another titty tantrum. Yesterday, Trump walked out (again) of a scheduled meeting, because as he says, speaker Pelosi had stated earlier that day that he (Trump) is involved in a cover up. After storming out he walked into, what appeared to have been pre -scheduled, press conference. Trump stated that he went to that meeting prepared to negotiate infrastructure but that because of these fake investigations there is no way he could work with them (the Democratic’s). If you are old enough to recall, While Bill Clinton was undergoing impeachment he continued to work. In fact with the help of Republicans the Clinton administration actually passed major welfare legislation, (weather you agree with that legislation or not, the fact is that it was passed during his impeachment proving that the government can work on two tracks at once). Where there is a will there is a way.

Donald Trump has been giving the American public excuse after excuse. At one time he said he would gladly turn over his tax returns but since he was under audit he was unable to. When it was demonstrated that there is no legal basis for him not to turn over his taxes he found other excuses. About the Mueller investigation Trump continued to decry “witch hunt”, that he had not colluded and had nothing to hide. The report did not clear him, as he and his minions continue to insist. It simply stated that he (Robert Mueller) did not find sufficient evidence to cite collusion. That is very different from finding him innocent, it merely states that sufficient evidence was not found, YET.

Trump tosses paper towels at needy Puerto Ricans after the devastation of hurricane Maria
Trump tosses paper towels at needy Puerto Ricans after the devastation of hurricane Maria

Drama queen Trump loves confrontation. While he is facing these confrontations head on, his followers see that as a strong leader. How idiotic is that? A strong president is able to work with the opposing party to ensure that the American people are protected (economically, socially, legally, and physically). Just because he can argue, call people names or use his position as a bully pulpit does not make him strong. A strong president tends to unite the nation not divide it. As a son of Puerto Rican parents, I will never forget how insensitive he was when he finally visited Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria and tossed paper towels at the people that were hurting and in need. It was obvious that he had no idea that Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States (it’s a common wealth –  actually it an estado libre associado – which when translated literally means  associated free state. Wow that’s a mouth full and a heaping pile of shit. But that is something to discuss in another article.

Migrants from Central America yell through a border wall at a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent after he pulled down a banner Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018, in San Diego. Migrants approaching the U.S. border from Mexico were enveloped with tear gas Sunday after a few tried to breach the fence separating the two countries. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

The longest government shut down in American history was a result of Trump. His immigration policy which separated children from their parents was an outrage. And his insistence that there was an “invasion” pitted the democrats against the (Republican) administration. Six immigrant children die because of Trump’s insane immigration policy. He (Trump) riled up his followers and had them convinced that America was being invaded by aliens (brown, Hispanic immigrants). That ploy did not work and the mid elections did not go his (or the Republicans) way. He now must contend with a Democratic controlled House of Representatives. For the first two years of his presidency the Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate. As a result he had Card Blanche to do as he pleased. And do as he pleased he did. He and his administration have reversed many are fought rights, laws and policies. His administration has been in turmoil from day one. His administration has had the worst turn over in the history of the American presidency. In this, his first, and hopefully only, term in office he has degraded the standing of the presidency around the world. His presidency has been aligning itself with America’s arch enemy’s (Kim Jong-un the Supreme Leader of North Korea and Vladimir Putin President of Russia), and he calls that good foreign policy.

Porn star Stormy Daniels, with her Attorney Michael Avenatti

The other day, at his press conference, he stated that “… I don’t do cover ups” this, of course, is another blatant lie. He engaged in a cover up regarding the porn star (Stormy Daniels) debacle. It has been proven that he had his then attorney Michael Cohen try to buy her (Stormy Daniels) silence.

While under impeachment President Bill Clinton passes Bipartisan Welfare Reform Legislation
President Bill Clinton signs Bipartisan Welfare Reform Legislation into Law

The gist of Trump’s press conference, after his storming out of meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, is that he can not pass any legislation while the democrats continue (to pursue possible impeachment) investigating him. This of course is yet another lie, by the liar in chief. In 1994 while under going impeachment, President Bill Clinton was able to successfully work with the Republicans to continue to legislate. In fact, even while under impeachment he (President Bill Clinton) was able to actually pass and sign his famous Bipartisan Welfare Reform Legislation into law. Mr. Trump, get off your fat ass, stop playing with the American people and do your job. You ran a multi national enterprise, I’m pretty sure you had to multi task. Trump follow Nike’s advice and “Just Do It”.