Commander In Cheese

From calling himself the "Precedent" of the United States

an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances.
"there are substantial precedents for using interactive media in training"
synonyms: model, exemplar, example, pattern, previous case, prior instance/example; More
preceding in time, order, or importance.
"a precedent case"

To not knowing the difference between the Air Force and the Coast Guard this commander in cheese (not a typo) is the mostest buffoon to ever hold the highest office in the land. So my question to Chumps loyal supporters, When is enough, enough? Or should we continue to "give him a chance to grow into the job?" Or perhaps now is not the time to address this issue, as in not the time to talk about gun controls after the worst mass shooting in American history. I recall it wasnt the right time to talk about this after the worst school shooting took place when so many innocent children were gunned down. When will reasonable minds prevail and end this charade of a presidency? When will good people of all faiths and denominations put race and ethnicity aside and begin the process of rebuilding, restoring the great american dream? In the preceding 10 months there has been more violence and division between races that since the 1960's. Who had it right, the hippies with their love is everything, or Charles Manson with his prediction of Helter Skelter. Someone, anyone please make logic of this madness. Please explain how Chump is doing a good job when so many people suffer here in the US, and abroad, because of his leadership or better yet, lack thereof.