Puerto Rican Cuatro Method: Samuel Ramos

For those of you who love Puerto Rican music and have begun learning the cuatro, this book is the perfect tool to guide you through the intricate process of learning to play the cuatro on a higher level. We suggest you start with Vol. 1 to learn the basics and then use this next volume to take you further! Authored by renowned guitarist and cuatro player, Samuel Ramos, this book offers you valuable insights into the intricacies of cuatro playing. Samuel Ramos urges you to become your own creative musician, not one that plays only what’s in the notes. This book is all about exploration and challenging yourself to go beyond boundaries. Well written and edited by Luis Torres, a lover of the cuatro and a professional editor, the book is a clear and concise guide to a vast repertoire of theory, scales and exercises. It has been written in the standard notation and tablature (TAB) format. This set of book been written in both English and Spanish, making it a versatile teacher. Choose your comfort zone, book and get started on a journey into the depths of beautiful music! The guide offers tips on how to perform in public and tells you when to change your strings! This one, indeed is filled with delightful vignettes on the cuatro! Features: Easy to understand Wider range of topics Bilingual – English and Spanish Gives tips on playing the Cuatro Allows you space to explore Get this amazing combination to lead you along the path of musical discovery and you’ll find that there’s a hidden musician somewhere inside you! All you need to do is order the Puerto Rican Cuatro Method Book – Vol 2.