One Nation Under God

Imagine if you can, a Puerto Rican boy growing up in an urban ghetto during a very turbulent time in modern American history. Not only was society undergoing a cultural revolution, but the Puerto Rican community and family was deteriorating as well. It was the second generation of Puerto Ricans to be born on the United States main land during this turbulent time. The generation prior was the generation still with one foot on the Island and one foot in New York, where the vast majority of Puerto Ricans had emigrated to. While still being called spics, this second generation had more in common with the American ways than they did of those of the Island, and they fought back. The older generation was the generation that formed the barrios in New York City for the rest of us. They set up the bodegas and established our communities, our own little place in this smorgasbord of ethnicity and culture. Their form of activism, for the most part, was by establishing social clubs. These social clubs were where the men would hang out to play dominoes, a favorite past time of most Hispanic cultures. But these social clubs served more than just a hang out for playing dominoes, they served as social service agencies for our people. These social clubs were formed based on hometowns, so for example, if you came from Lajas, Puerto Rico you would join the Lajas social club, if you came from Ponce or Mayaquez you'd likewise join one of those clubs. New arrivals from the island would be acclimated into American society via these social clubs. Job openings, housing availability etc were shared via these clubs.

It was hard for that generation making their way into New York City. Those pioneering Puerto Ricans were sold the same BS that other immigrates had been sold. Ask your elders about the concept of "streets being paved with gold." Everyone was led to believe that America was this wonderful welcoming society where jobs and housing were plentiful for anyone. Of course that was nothing like the truth.

The truth about America

The truth is that while there were opportunities in New York City and everywhere else in this country, those opportunities were/are reserved for white people only with a rare few and rare exceptions. America is a xenophobic, racist society that only respects violence. To anyone reading this I may sound like a hater, a bigot myself. Maybe you are right, but if I am one I was made this way by the environment I grew up in. You see, Puerto Ricans have always been the rainbow people. Long before Jesse Jackson co-opted that term for his Rainbow Coalition Puerto Ricans were called the rainbow people. You see, within one Puerto Rican nuclear family you could find a father with skin the color of burnt coffee grinds, a mother with yellow hair and blue eyes and children with complexions that run the gamut of very fair and snow white like, to caramel colored, dark coffee and even to burnt sienna. We did not know the concept of racism since within our own family we had them all. Racism is a learned behavior, no one is born a racist. If you don't believe it, they to find a place where there are very young children of mixed races playing together. You will observe that they all get along just fine, playing and sharing. It is the parents that have the disdain for the other children and their parents.

Unfortunately this is a color eccentric society. The older you are the more likely it is that you have subconsciously bought into the whole white is beautiful, good and pure and black is ugly, evil and un-pure rhetoric.

To be clear I am not saying all white people are racist and or haters. But I also have to be albe to express my reality unapologetically. History proves my point for me. While the white media paints black and brown people as violent savages, the truth is in fact the opposite.

According to the history book a vast majority of people beleive in, namely the bible, it supposedly cronicals the beginings of mankind. Well according to that very sacred and most trusted book, the very first violent act ever was when Cain killed his brother Able.

If you recall, Cain and Abel were the Son's of Adam and Eve. If you further recall they, historians and religious philosophers, Adam and Eve were Caucasians.

That is the chronology of mankind according to those historians. If you fast forward, every major upheaval henceforth was perpetrated by whites against white or whites against people of color.

In North America, the natives welcomed the white settlers with open arms. In fact the indigenous peoples taught the whites how to survive that first brutal cold winter. What does the white man then do? He treats them like idiots and steals their land, then begins the wanton slaying of men women and children. Fast forward a little more and we encounter the slave trade. Again white men brutalizing black people and eventually herding them onto ships like cattle for that long transatlantic voyage and into the arms of slavery. Oh but it's not limited sole to North American. White people, with their white privilege did this and more to black and brown people around the entire planet.

Now, perhaps, you'll begin to understand what Trump and his minions are attempting to put in place. They say that the first rule of nature is self preservation, then it would appear that the white Man's greatest fear is fast approaching. So Chump is trying to put people with his propensity into key positions that can affect the lives of millions of people for years to come.

To be continued...

The Island Nation of Puerto Rico has been abandoned

The Island Nation of Puerto Rico has been abandoned by the Federal Government and the money hungry corporate community we are sinking so deep into the quagmire of debt that soon there will no longer be a Puerto Rico.

After the tax incentives ran out, so to did the parasitic pharma companies. Three and one half million people through no fault of there own are floundering, on the verge of starvation. The political infighting between Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño, Partido Nuevo Progresista and Partido Popular Democrático has not served the best interest of the people.

I live here in the mainland United States, I do not want to voice a political opinion, what I do want to do is help bail Puerto Rico out of this abyss its in. There are more so-called Puerto Ricans living on the Mainland United States than there are on the Island, and multitudes more living elsewhere on the planet. Many love to raise a fist and yell out "Que Viva Puerto Rico" but that does not really mean anything. That does not serve anything but to make you feel good for that moment. "BORICUA" sounds awesome, makes you feel like you belong to something special right? Well it is something special, we are someone special and we are worth preserving, worth saving.

It is time to stop wearing that false Puerto Rican pride on our sleeves and to actually roll up our sleeves and do something to safeguard the motherland. We, "La Gente," "el pueblo" can do it. We can save our Island all we have to do is "chip in". Between all of us we can raise the $72,000,000,000.00 to take our Island out of debt. Once we do that, then we can worry about the form of government we need. But before we can even think about governance we have to save the Island.

The first step toward accomplishing this is for all Puerto Ricans to band together. Put our party idealogies aside. The goal should be to save Boriquen. After we accomplish that the rest will work its self out.

Among our people I know that we have the brain power to figure it all out. It's time to use that brain power, put those skills to work for the salvation of a majestic people. You say you want self determination, well here is your chance, a real chance to determine for yourself weather Puerto Rico flourishes once again, or just sinks into history like Atlantis.

If you really feel anything about Puerto Rico take a stand. The federal government, the municipal Puerto Rican Government has once more demonstrated that we can not depend on them to bail us out. The usefulness of Puerto Rico to the United States has come and gone. The only reason we were made a commonwealth was because they needed us as a strategic military installation during the Cold war, that war has been over since the 1980's. The only reason we were made citizens were so that we could be drafted to fight in the world war. Now Trump and his people even want to take that away from us.

Did into your pockets and make a contribution to the most worthy of all the causes you will ever make in your life, a contribution to save BORIQUEN. Now that is a legacy worth leaving.

5 months in, but whose counting?

[perfectpullquote align="left" cite="" link="" color="" class="" size=""]Tomorrow is the super bowel of politics and the world will be watching. The Nixon Watergate scandal pales in comparison.[/perfectpullquote]

This has been the longest 5 months in my life. It feels like an eternity but is was just on January 20th that Donald J. Trump was sworn in as our 45th President. All the things Trump accused Hillary Clinton of and how she was supposedly engaged so many illegal activities seem to have been his way of deflecting attention from himself. In fact, it was he that was the crook, and liar all along. For the 52% of us that did not vote for him we already knew, or at least suspected that he was full of it.
For 30 years the Republicans went after Hillary Clinton, using every negative adjective under the sun. Yet no matter what rock they looked under they could never find anything remotely indictable. For all his jumping and stomping and pleading to "lock her up", it seems that his moronic followers are going to witness him being locked up or leaving the White House in disgrace like his brethren, Richard Milhous Nixon.

It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid, or hateful, or both, Republicans are. I cant get it out of my mine that despite the things that Donald Trump has said and done, not imagined as in the case of Hillary, they continue to support him.

In a long ago interview Trump told Oprah that if he decided to run [for president] he would do so as a Republican because Republicans are so stupid they believe anything he says. His words not mine. Just as it was his words that mocked the Mayor of the London City that had just experienced a horrific terror attack, or his lack of words to reassure our allies that we (America) have there back as they had our back after 9/11.

Tom Hanks character, Forrest Gump, was lovable in his naivete and stupidity. It is not, however, befitting the American President. For all his money and world travels, his celebrity and his status Donald J. Trump remains the PT Barnum of the 21st century. I can't help it but whenever I see him on TV attempting to sound presidential all I can see is W.C. Fields drunk man from "My Chickadee" making a sales pitch to Mae West.

It's Wednesday June 11, 2017 the day before fired FBI Director James Comey is to testify before the Senate Committee investing Trumps collusion with Russia. This week has not been business as usual despite Trump's feigned appearances. The conflict between he and his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has become public with Mr. Sessions offer to resign. More Republicans are beginning to stand up to Trump leaving his group of allies smaller then ever. His poll numbers keep dwindling and his son in law, Jared Kushner, may prove to be the nail in Trump's coffin.

Internationally, Trump has made himself the laughing stock of the free word. After his absurd reprimand of the G7 last week and his deliberate omission to affirmation US support those that supported us after the 9/11 attacks he has left the United States more vulnerable than ever. I guess he never learned the concept that no man (or in this case no country) is an island. Then again maybe its by design. He alienating of our allies and embracing of our enemies. Perhaps he and Vice President Mike Pence really are Pinky and the Brain trying to take over the world.

Whatever, tomorrow is an exciting day for us political needs. Tomorrow is the super bowel of politics and the world will be watching. The Nixon Watergate scandal pales in comparison.

To be continued...

How To Stop The Storms Of Life – Daily Devotional

How To Stop The Storms Of Life – Daily Devotional
Do you have a storm in your life today that you desire God to stop? If God permits that storm to proceed in your life did you understand God is making use of that tornado to expand you? Today we discuss exactly how you could rely on God in the storms of life Day By Day.

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Video Marketing Wiki – Easy Video Marketing Strategies

Video Marketing Wiki

Ideal Video Marketing Wiki

On-line advertising and marketing has transformed and also people is watching extra for videos compared to for created material. That is the factor you must carry out video marketing wiki in your methods.

If you got a company online, you need some fresh, fascinating advertising approaches. If so, video clip advertising and marketing and marketing might be simply the choice for you. Publishing video clips online is an incredible method to develop a brand-new client-base as well as remain connected with your existing consumers. In order to find out extra, keep evaluation.

Advertising videos are best when left concise, concentrated nearly the aspect you desire to earn. The majority of people have an attention deficit condition and also dream to have the information that they’re looking for, covered immediately. When a much longer video is inevitable, assume concerning splitting it into targeted locations which can be seen in stages or independently to tape-record a certain little details.

Amount as well as top quality have to both be taken a look at when making video clips as a result of that both elements matter to audiences.

Video clips need to be sent out regularly so your clients have something brand-new to look onward to on your network. Making new video clips likewise advises others to cover new subjects, indicating a choice of your video clips are added likely to interest consumers.

The even extra videos you develop, the far better your straight exposure will certainly be.

Offer your clients amazing internet material along with your video may simply go viral. Modern devices is not called for when making video.

If the info concerns, individuals will stand up to a carefully plain video clip. If you could manage one, it is still a wise concept, nevertheless, to obtain an efficient video electronic camera for developing your video clip web content.

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Buzzinar Viral Marketing Software Review – Fast List Building – Buzzinar Bonuses

Buzzinar Viral Advertising as well as marketing Software application Examination

Buzzinar is a software application as well as in addition training system.

You’ll determine approaches to construct lead funnels, list structure funnels, together with place the software application program application on unrestricted sites.

The plugin makes your item go viral and also enter front of a whole lot even more individuals compared to you may reach the hand-operated technique.

This item was developed by Omar as well as Melinda Martin, well reputed on the internet marketers in the industry, so you have the guarantee of a convenient as well as additionally well established software application program and an exceptional training location.

With Buzzinar, you get an updated approach to construct your listing monetizing it when owning.

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Hydra Video Marketing Software – HydraVid 2.0 Review – Advanced Video Marketing Software

hydra video marketing software

Video marketing and advertising is just one of one of the most effective methods making financing online, yet placing your videos and supplying sufficient straight exposure is hard: till Hydravid appeared.

This easy to usage, cloud based software application program, assists you distribute your video clips, release them on social websites in addition to, the best of whatever, offers the possibility of enhancing them in an extremely straightforward methods.

If you desire everybody to see your video clip clips and get high up on Google along with Youtube positions, this software program tool is a MUST in you tool collection.

Hydravid Video Advertising and likewise advertising Software program is a brand-new software application takes the significant video clip aspect of ranking in enhancement to makes it drop dead simple in addition to multiples results 10 layer

This Hydravid Video Software program has a few of the features.

1. Limitless Accounts On All Sites– along with choice to message to one, an established number, a random number or all
2. Proxy Assistance– All accounts are risk-free and safe with the ability to assign particular proxy ID’s to any type of kind of kind of as well as additionally all accounts
3. Produce Unique Variations of Each Video clip– Utilizing our one-of-a-kind system, the software application program application might include a customized slide at the end of the video in addition to adjust the minute of the slide (and also recompile the video clip) to make certain that each video clip lenght is unique.
4. Offer a complete document of the URL’s of all the video clip launched– Great for including included magazine marks in addition to consumer documents
5. Permit Spintax in the wrap-ups and titles– The client can consist of in their very own spintax– together with the software program will certainly certainly produce an one-of-a-kind message for each and every solitary gain access to. Enabling the targetting of many search expressions along with expressions from one video clip. (a lot more on this in the PRO variation ).

OTO is the Pro variant of this software program application program– This variant has the unique’ video clip spy’ element that enables people to sleuth on top ranking video clips by essential expression, along with– includes Spin software application (the best rewriter and also Turn ReWriter) to permit vehicle rotating As Well As generates Social publication marks to one of one of the most substantial Social media site net websites worldwide.

Instead of squandering helpful time on publishing video clips, Hydravid Video Software program does it for you !!!
With Hydravid, you will spend a lot much less time functioning and also still acquire a lot more web website traffic in addition to larger motivation.

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Epic CPA Alchemy Review and likewise Bonuses – Make Money on CPA Marketing – $1,000/ day +

Famous State-licensed accountant Alchemy

Certified Public Accountant advertising and marketing is when you make people take some activity (e g. send out an e-mail, or register an account and also so on), as well as you generate income for that. It’s virtually the simplest means to gain some fast money online with little to no money to spend. You do not have to be an expert to do it, neither do you have to run a website, although if you already have a

website, you will definitely do much better when it comes to CPA networks’ authorization. In any case, you will absolutely get approved in either case, trigger you review my message which will certainly inform you just how. You require to placed on Peerfly originally, as they are amazing, approve individuals rather basic and also have deals as fantastic as the leading networks (upgrade: they have ended up being one of the leading networks through the years). And naturally, this is a recommendation internet link up there … you need to be referred by me so you can obtain approved simpler. I’ve hardly ever had actually individuals not approved when I refer them, if you use that internet link, you will absolutely be primarily excellent

to go. You merely require some much more details on means to fill your approval application in addition to listed below you go: 1 Be exceptionally uncomplicated with them, yet locate the method to lie to them LOL. Now you are possibly like: Vladi, What the f. k are you talking relating to? Due to the fact that you are most likely brand-new to this, they will certainly not like you for it, which is why you need to color up factors a little bit. Although all CPA authorization personnel have actually been about for life and recognize when somebody exists, they continuously enable you do it if they like you. As well as likewise for them to like you, you need to program them you in fact plan to make it happen along with will certainly correctly advertise their deals. They have to authorize you considering that they comprehend most individuals that objective to get required with CPA advertising and marketing are the ones that have no loan to spend, or are new to web marketing. So they pick the ones they like, and not just the specialists

. The can not handle accepting simply experienced online marketing professionals, trigger they will certainly lacked company. And also the best method to permit them know you are serious concerning Certified Public Accountant marketing and advertising is to call right after you fill
out your application. As soon as you get approved by Peefly, you might virtually get approved nearly everywhere after that … not swiftly however. You need to do some

company, make some cash

, so you have simply what to program. 2 After you continue to be in, you must choose the suitable offer. There isn’t actually an appropriate offer, the high quality of a deal (exactly just how well it will certainly convert )usually counts on what traffic you send to it. Nevertheless, email/zip submits are understood to be the simplest to transform, so they are suggested. 3 Traffic aaaah undoubtedly, website traffic The fastest approach, as well as most inexpensive to get internet traffic and get things rolling is PPC, along with far more specifically– 7search PPC. You just demand 25 bucks to begin running campaigns there as well as also their website web traffic is pretty amazing for CPAs plus you could route link to your CPA offer. upgrade: They modified the minimal account activation to $ 50, so you need $ 50 to

begin, nevertheless you can locate $ 25, $ 50 or $ 100 coupons on-line, you just need to seek them. The unfavorable thing however is it seems like their web traffic has gone a lot more to the negative side lately. You can blacklist IDs, yet you cannot block domains so it’s difficult to absolutely obstruct robot created web traffic. I presume they were better a pair of years back. If you have the moment to fine-tune your campaigns, you CAN transform them right into profits, however you will absolutely have to have a good time with them for particular. Also, you call for to ask to permit the blacklisting characteristic as it is not quickly enabled. You could utilize Bing (their site web traffic is likewise incredible and low-cost), or other Pay Per Click online search engine, or paid marketing and advertising source if you will. You simply require to make sure your ROI is right. State-licensed accountant advertising is regarding the maths. If you do not desire fast results
with low-cost paid ads, you might construct a Facebook web page regarding a video game, individuals love playing video games, they will absolutely go register to play, you will definitely produce earnings as well as everyone would definitely delight in. Like I specified in the comments, I’ve done this with’ world of tanks’ as well as it still brings me money although I have not published anything on the websites considered that forever. Subscribe as well as maintain up to day


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Earn money on CPA Marketing – Epic CPA Alchemy – Fastest Way of Making Money Online

Earn money on CPA Marketing

CPA advertising is when you make people take some action (e g. send an email, or register an account and so on), as well as you get paid for that.

It’s pretty much the simplest way making some fast cash online with little to no money to spend.

You don’t have to be a guru to do it, neither do you need to run a site, although if you already have a site, you will do much better when it comes to CPA networks’ authorization.

Given that you are most likely brand-new to this, they will certainly not like you for it, which is why you need to color up points a bit.

Although all CPA approval personnel have been around forever as well as understand when somebody lies, they constantly allow you do it if they like you. As well as for them to like you, you need to show them you actually intend to make it take place as well as will legitimately promote their deals.

They need to approve you since they recognize a lot of individuals who look to obtain included with CPA advertising are the ones that have no money to spend, or are new to on-line advertising and marketing. So they choose the ones they like, and also not just the experts. The can’t pay for accepting only skilled marketing professionals, cause they will lack business.

And also the most effective way to allow them recognize you are serious about CPA marketing is to call right after you fill in your application.

After you are in, you have to select the ideal deal.

There isn’t truly an ideal deal, the quality of an offer (just how well it will transform) mainly depends on what website traffic you send out to it.

Nonetheless, email/zip submits are understood to be the easiest to convert, so they are advised.

Web traffic

The fastest way, along with cheapest to obtain website traffic and also get things rolling is PPC, and also there are numerous PPC providers.

You just need 25 bucks to begin running campaigns there as well as their traffic is rather great for CPAs plus you can route web link to your CPA deal.

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