Are You Ready To Find Love In The Chub And Chaser Community?

Using your profile is a powerful way to connect with chasers as is connecting in person. You may not have the time or skills to invest in learning the proper way to do this because you’re still want the fairy tale of having the chaser chase you.

So if chasers are suppose to chase you, why haven’t you found the right one yet?

There are 2 answers for that.

One: The type of chaser that will chase isn’t the type of chaser that will settle down into a relationship with you.

He is in it for the chase and the thrill of the conquest nor the thrill of finding a soulmate. This gets over looked in the roles that we play in the chub and chaser community.

The second reason is because you don’t understand where a chaser seeking a real relationship would be, how to find him or even recognize him when you did. In other words your dating skills are lacking. That’s finding, attracting communicating etc. What you are doing now isn’t working. In order for you to find love you have to change these two reasons.

If you had the right resource that prepared you to find love in the chub and chaser community, things would be different for you.

You would know where to find the chasers looking for love, how to engage with them without being fearful of rejection and be confidence in yourself to be able to build a true relationship with a chaser that is seeking the same.

You’d have someone to shower with love and someone who would return that love. You’d begin to build your family, start new traditions and plan your future together.

If you don’t prepare for love do you think all those thing will just fall in your lap?

Let me give you an example of a guy in his mid forties who wanted love and realize he didn’t know how to attract a chaser for a serious relationship. He was ready to find someone seriously looking for a committed relationship. What he over looked was the people who had already shown interest and that he dismissed because of failed attempts to connect in the past.

Once he knew how to use his profile to attract a relationship ready chaser, knew what was acceptable to meet his dating criteria and how to communicate with this particular chaser. He was golden and found exactly what he was looking for.


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